Digital Night Vision

NVG20 NVG30 Helmet Night Vision Goggles IR 940nm Digital Night Vision Binoculars

NVG20 NVG30 Helmet Night Vision Goggles IR 940nm Digital Night Vision Binoculars

NVG20 NVG30 Helmet Night Vision Goggles IR 940nm Digital Night Vision Binoculars    NVG20 NVG30 Helmet Night Vision Goggles IR 940nm Digital Night Vision Binoculars

VG30 NVG20 NVG10 Helmet Night Vision Monocular Wide View 40° NVG10 gen3 940nm IR WIFI Digital Starlight Night Vision Goggles With Helmet. Superior Clarity with Advanced Technology: GOYOJO NVG20, the upgraded successor to the NVG10. Our helmet-mountable night vision monocular is equipped with a high-performance CMOS sensor, offering up to 4x magnification. It boasts a 2K image quality, doubling the resolution of its predecessor, the NVG10.

The device provides vivid color imagery in daylight and switches to crisp black and white at night. Unique to the NVG20 is the white phosphor technology, which offers an improved observational experience akin to 3rd generation tubes, a significant step up from the NVG10.

High-Definition Recording and Playback: With a high-resolution camera capable of capturing 1920x1080 pixel videos, the NVG20 ensures you don't miss a detail. It features an advanced Picture-in-Picture (PIP) magnification, allowing precise focus on specific targets during night operations. The device supports both recording and immediate playback for on-the-spot viewing. Ergonomic and Portable Design: The NVG20 is designed for ease of use and portability. It can be conveniently mounted on a helmet, freeing up your hands and improving usability during movement.

This compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for a variety of nocturnal activities. Enhanced Connectivity for Greater Versatility: A significant upgrade from the NVG10, the NVG20 supports WiFi connectivity, allowing seamless connection to computers for transferring and viewing captured visuals on larger screens. Ideal for a Range of Nighttime Activities: The NVG20 is the ideal companion for a multitude of night-time activities, including hunting, camping, and surveillance.

Its enhanced features and user-friendly design provide a superior night vision experience, making it a top choice for both professionals and enthusiasts. (1) Ultra -low illuminance CMOS.

(3) Four colour mode:black&white or Green. (4) Wide View FOV: 40°.

(9) Full new operating system. (10) IP67 waterproof and dustproof. This product can be used in day and night, optical magnification of 1X, digital magnification of 4X, large 40 field of view. This product adopts 2K(25601440) ultra-low illumination detector, and you can turn on the motion mode at night to get 2K 40HZ delay-free images.

Ln the total dark environment, this product can still observe the target without any infrared supplemental light, and can turn on the infrared light to get a better observation effect when there is no light at all. There are 4 color modes to choose from: color, night green, white phosphorus, and black and white. The equipment has a certain degree of intelligence, can be set to automatically adjust the brightness of the display, automatically adjust the intensity of the infrared lamp(adjusted according to the use of the environment). Power supply and battery life: This device uses one 18650 rechargeable lithium battery; the default battery life of this product is 5 hours, it can be used for 4 hours when only WIFl is turned on, and 3 hours when both WIFl and infrared light are turned on.

This device has a built-in WIFl module, which can be connected with mobile devices to realize real-time image transmission, video recording, photo-taking, Playback and other functions in the APP. This product is the best auxiliary tool for human vision extension, the top interface can be installed with many types of adapter brackets to match with different tipping frames, as well as to form a binocular use. Ultra -low illuminance CMOS: 0.0001. Digital+optical amplification: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x.

Optical Lens: waterproof IP67 and working temperature: -40 to +50? Blue cover on lens: booster night vision.

Wide Field of View: 40°. Low Light Observation Distance: 250m300m. Sensor Resolution(pixel): 2560 x 1440. IR Level: IR 1,2,3. Color mode: Color, black&white, fluorescent green, white phosphorus.

Battery Type: rechargeable battery(18650)1pcs(included). Night Working Hours(APP and lamp ON): 3 hours. Night Working Hours(WIFI ON): 4 hours.

Simplied Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japenese, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese Italian and German. Question 1: Does this binocular record in color? Answer: No, only two modes for nighttime and daytime, green view and white/black view. Question 2: Are these waterproof or water resistant? Answer:it is water resistant with IPX6 level, that's means that it cannot go into the water with it but it will resist under the rain.

Question 3: Do these also work for daytime? Answer: Not only it works well in daytime, also works great for daytime and low light environment. Question 4: Are these good for people who wear glasses? Yes, they are easy to use with glasses on and off. Question 5: Can you install it on a military helmet?

Answer: Yes, it can be installed on the helmet. It is the best night vision device to be installed on the helmet. It should be the latest model in 2021. Owning it is a symbol of military status. Question 6: Can it be set up for right eye use? Answer: Yes, it can be set up for both right and left eyes use. Question 7: How many yards can you see with this? Answer: I've tested out to about 80 yards I can make out a deer.

Question 8: Does its set include battery? And suitable for which type of battery? Answer: yes, this set include 18650 lithium battery1, which is long life and durable.

And removable battery design avoids the problem that the battery device is damaged but cannot be replaced. Question 9: Is the picture of the night vision device clear? Answer: This night vision device has a multi-layer broadband cost lens to ensure high light transmittance and high. Refractive index, making the image clearer and brighter in the field of view. Question 10: Is it suitable for night use or a dark environment?

Answer: yes, it is very suitable for outdoor, especially at night. Small in size, suitable for night hunting, camping, fishing. Bird, watching, scouting game, security and surveillance, nighttime navigation, wildlife observation and other outdoor activities. Question 11: Is this waterproof in any way? Answer: IP66 water resistant, the buttons are water-resistant.

Question 12: Can you see heat with it? It is an IR system. Question 13: Is there a laser illuminator? Answer: Yes, it has a laser illuminator. The laser illumination adopts 850NM.

Question 14: What is the blue coat on optic lens. Answer: it is to booster night vision.

NVG20 NVG30 Helmet Night Vision Goggles IR 940nm Digital Night Vision Binoculars    NVG20 NVG30 Helmet Night Vision Goggles IR 940nm Digital Night Vision Binoculars